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We are Always looking for people who want to become members of the WMBUA. Our New Members class for 2022 has completed our Rules Classes, which began the first Wednesday in January (January 5, 2022) at 6:30 PM  at the First Baptist Church, 50 Parker St., East Longmeadow, MA 01028 and lasted for six weeks each Wednesday, 1/5/22, 1/12/22, 1/19/22, 1/26/22, 2/2/22, & 2/9/22. Eight (8) new members passed their Rules Exam on Wednesday 2/9/22, and upon passing the exam had their Intro Mechanics class on 2/16/22. The first outdoors field mechanics class will be held at a field and date/time to be determined when weather permits. All new umpires will be required to participate in the Mentoring Program for your first three years. The Mentoring Program is led by Joe Vaschak.

For anyone interested in Joining our board for next season, or if you want more information please see below:

Send an email to the WMBUA Secretary for more information and to register for the next class!

Classes will be led by the WMBUA Rules Interpreter Joe Vaschak.  Contact Joe directly for specific questions regarding the classes or class material; and the Mentoring Program.